Thursday, November 02, 2006

Once More, This Time With Music

Every couple of years, this seems to come up -- we run across someone hunting or scouting on land we leased, without permission from the landowner. Most are sheepish when caught (and leave), some get belligerent. That good ol' sense of entitlement kicks in: "I want to hunt here, so I should be able to and I shouldn't have to get permission, much less pay for the privilege." These are the same people who wonder why more and more land gets posted off completely.

We enforce a code of ethics on our own hunters: Do not enter another's property without permission, under any circumstance. If you find you have accidentally entered another's property, leave immediately.

It's a pretty simple concept, so sing along with me:

This land is your land,
This land is my land,
We have a lease, so please respect it
From the redwood forest to the gulfstream waters,
Fence laws were made for you and me.
As I was walking
a ribbon of fenceline
I saw above me
an illegal hunter
I called DNR.....
and then pressed charges,
Fence laws were made for you and me.
One more time.....
-- Hunting Widow, signing off.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Round 2 Ends. Deer Kicking Butt

Another hunting week has ended here and we're getting beat up pretty bad by the deer.

Joe put the current big doe leader in the shed the other night with a shot that stopped her in her tracks. I have my doubts as to whether or not she'll hold out as the winner. But the way things have been going she could be. After that we just couldn't get him on much.

Jason put a nice shot on a doe the other day but 10 hours of steady tracking failed to locate her. We had a good trail for what turned out to be miles but just couldn't complete the deal.

Art and Rich had to leave early this week due to a family emergency but hope to be back to finish their week right before gun season. Hope they can get back.

Scott saw a great buck but not close enough. And Nick continued to see a lot of deer including good bucks through the whole week.

On the up side, another week begins today and now that we're rested up we'll try it again. The guys from PA role in today. Gary and the boys are always a hoot to be around and we have a great time during the week that they're here.

Dad rolled in on the train last night for the poker and will be with us for the next couple of weeks. He's been pumping iron and is ready to get some work done out here.

It looks like a good week weatherwise. Slight chance of a few showers tomorrow but otherwise dry and cold after that. Maybe that will get them a llittle more active during shooting hours.

In any case, stay with us.

I'll see you back at the lodge.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No Deer Yet. Inquiry Held by Lodge Tribunal

Deer Count Yesterday:

Rich: 2 (Inquest held. Moved to new location)
Art: 5 (Released after questioning. Warned not to leave the area.)
Jason: 3 At 20 yds (Tree limb goes on trial this morning)
Joe: 0 (Transferred, placed on probation.)
Scott: 15, 10 at 15 yds (Tree limb summarily executed)
Nick: Couldn't count them all. (They got under him before he had gotten comfortable, or felt like hunting, or finished his coffee, or just plain too startled by so many chances that he just said forget it and didn't shoot nothin'. Nick nearly executed. Last minute stay granted by Lodge Tribunal)

We have adjusted Nick's medication and he's promised to do better today.

He probably better and so should the other guys. Rain is due in this evening and is suppose to stay with us through Friday morning.

I'll be encouraging everyone to get back out as early as they can today and stay all day if they can. I can't help but think that there'll be a huge deer feeding frenzy ahead of this extended storm. With any luck we'll have a deer feeding frenzy inside the lodge tonight as well.

Grab a knife and fork...

And I'll see you back at the lodge.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Update on the Guys From Up North

Not a bad day all in all. Everybody but Joe saw deer today either this morning or tonight. Guess we'll have to try to help Joe tomorrow. He's going to try a different spot in the morning.

Nick was the winner of the big show tonight having a ringside seat to a great buck fight. He saw a total of 13 deer tonight but ofcourse nothing close enough to throw an arrow at. He was pretty pumped up when he came in.

Rich and Art are having a great time and seeing plenty of deer. I think Art is leading in numbers seen but Rich is as enthusiastic as anybody we get here. He's concentrating and should score pretty soon.

We'll be moving a couple of the guys tomorrow and I sure do hope we can change their luck. Guess Jason is serious about taking deer home this year. It's the only reason I can think of for that blanket on the floor in the back of his SUV.

More tomorrow I hope. If for some reason I don't get to this tomorrow I beg Amy's forgiveness and understanding. By the way Amy, why don't you come out next year and try your luck? Then I really will

See you back at the lodge.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

They was everywhere

Everybody saw deer tonight. Jason had a little spike bed down about 20 yards away and spend the evening with him.Nick, Scott, Joe, Rich, and Art all saw a deer or 6 tonight.

Just had to get that up here tonight so Jason's wife didn't come down here and kick my butt. I'll get more details up in the morning. Gotta get to bed now.

See you back at the lodge.

It Just Wasn't In The Cards

Well, Mike and Richie left yesterday morning with a pretty fair 8 point in the cooler. Nothing much moved all week except for the one night.

If not for the coon and flock of turkeys Mike might not have taken his buck. He suspects that they were making so much racket over the buck's bed that he decided he'd move to get some peace and quiet. Unfornuately for him and fortunately for Mike that meant walking by Mike at about 7 yards.

He's not the biggest guy in the woods but when they stop that close and its Friday morning... Well you guys that have been here know how that feels. He was a nice 2 1/2 year old that dressed out at 140lbs.

I hope that next year will be better for them.

Jason and the gang are due from Mich. in a couple of hours as well as Art and Rich from Min. The weather this week is suppose to be pretty cool and dry so I hope they have some better luck.

I'll try to keep you updated as best I can so check in now and then. Until then...

I'll see you back at the lodge.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nick's First Deer -- The Video

Here's the video of Nick's first archery deer. Double - Click on the arrow to play the video. If you want to view this full screen (recommended), click on the "youtube" icon in the lower right corner. That will take you to the main site, and then you can select the option to view full screen.

I'm sure Chris will have some commentary to add here later.

Hunting Widow out.